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Windows 10 notifications not working free

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› Windows. Windows 10 Notifications Not Working? Here Are Fixes [Partition Manager] ; Step 2. In the pop-up window, click Privacy. click Privacy ; Step 2. Go.

Notification Banners Not Working in Windows 10? Here Are 8 Ways to Fix It.


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What can I do if I’m not getting any notifications?


Unfortunately, when the app stops working properly, it also means these notifications stop arriving, which may cause you to lose track of an important event. However, if you want to get back to using the app, our guide will help you fix it. As always, when troubleshooting an issue on your computer, you should start by restarting your system.

While Windows 10 installs available updates on its own, you should check if there are pending updates for the Mail app. If your app is outdated, you could experience syncing problems. Launch the Microsoft Store app and open the three-dot menu from the top-right corner. Then, select Downloads and uploads and search the list for Mail and Calendar.

Click the Download icon next to it to download and install any updates it finds. Fortunately, Windows comes with a lot of built-in troubleshooting tools you can use. So if you’re experiencing problems when using the Mail app, you can run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. Sometimes, the location service interferes with the Mail app. To fix it, you should stop Mail and Calendar from using your location.

The Windows Mail app is connected to the Calendar app. As such, if your Mail app has stopped working, you should take a look at your computer’s privacy settings and double-check if Mail is allowed to talk to Calendar.

While it may seem like an odd trick, disabling and re-enabling the syncing feature might fix the Mail app. In Windows 10, localization settings control the location, date, and time.

If you have set the wrong location, the Mail app might have problems syncing. Here’s How to Fix the Windows Clock. To do it, you can run the System File Checker. Then, press Enter to start the process. SFC will search and automatically replace any corrupt files within your system.

While this keeps your computer safe, it could interfere with the Mail app. To fix it, you should allow Mail and Calendar to communicate through Windows Defender.

If your emails are still not syncing, your third-party antivirus might be at fault. Try to disable it and check if the Mail app is now working. Your system uses cache to run apps faster, save data, or store data for later use. However, if the cache gets corrupted, it might cause the apps to malfunction. In this case, you should clear the Microsoft Store cache. In the Windows search bar, type command prompt and select Run as administrator. In the Command Prompt window, type wsreset.

Resetting an app is similar to uninstalling and reinstalling it. After the reset, the app will be launching with its default settings. Try Some Common Fixes for Windows Systems As always, when troubleshooting an issue on your computer, you should start by restarting your system.