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The Oasis has 28 hours of battery life if used with the battery cover with Wi-Fi off. However, without the cover, the Oasis battery lasts about seven hours. It has nearly 3 GB of user storage. The Oasis includes the Bookerly serif font and it is the first Kindle to include the Amazon Ember sans-serif font.

The Guardian ‘ s reviewer praised the Oasis’s ease for holding, its lightweight design, long battery life, excellent display, even front lighting, usable page-turn buttons, and the luxurious cover.

However, the reviewer believed the product was overpriced, noted that the battery cover only partially protects the back, and that the reader is not waterproof. The reviewer concluded, «…the Paperwhite will likely be all the e-reader most will need, but Oasis is the one you’ll want.

The Oasis is the Bentley to the Paperwhite’s Golf — both will get the job done, just one is a cut above the other. The Kindle 8 features a new rounded design that is 0. The Kindle 8 is the first Kindle to use Bluetooth that can support VoiceView screen reader software for the visually impaired. It has the same screen display as its predecessor, a ppi E Ink Pearl touch-screen display, and Amazon claims it has a four-week battery life and can be fully charged within four hours.

Amazon released the second-iteration Kindle Oasis, marketed as the «All-New Kindle Oasis» and colloquially referred to as the Oasis 2, on October 31, The device has a black front, with either a silver or gold colored back.

It is front-lit with 12 LEDs, and has ambient light sensors to adjust the screen brightness automatically. The Verge gave the Oasis 2 a score of 8 of 10, praising its design, display, and water resistance, but criticizing its high cost and inability to read an e-book while its related audiobook is playing. Amazon announced the fourth-iteration Kindle Paperwhite on October 16, , and released it on November 7, ; it is colloquially referred to as the Paperwhite 4 and Paperwhite It features a 6-inch plastic-backed display of Amazon’s own design with ppi and a flush screen featuring five LED lights.

It supports playback of Audible audio books only by pairing with external Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The Verge rated the Paperwhite 4 as 8. Amazon announced the Kindle 10th generation on March 20, , which features the first front light available on a basic Kindle. Kindle 10 uses a 6-inch display with higher contrast than previous basic Kindles and has the same ppi resolution. Amazon released the third-iteration Kindle Oasis, colloquially referred to as the Oasis 3, on July 24, Externally it is nearly identical in appearance to the second-iteration Oasis, with a similar 7-inch, ppi E Ink display, adjustable warm light, one-handed design, waterproofing, aluminum exterior, Bluetooth support and Micro USB for charging.

It adds a 25 LED front light that can adjust color temperature to warmer tones, the first Kindle to be able to do so. The Verge gave the Oasis 3 an 8 of 10 rating, praising its design, display, and warmer E Ink display, but criticizing its high cost, no USB-C support and the lackluster update over the model.

Amazon announced the Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration on September 21, , and it was released on October 27, It features similar dimensions to its predecessor but has a larger 6. The Paperwhite 5 is also available in a higher cost Signature Edition that additionally supports Qi wireless charging , has 32 GB of storage, and includes a sensor that automatically adjusts the color temperature. With the release of the Kindle Paperwhite in , Amazon released a natural leather cover and a plastic back that is form-fitted for the device that weighs 5.

The subsequent Amazon covers include this function. With the release of the Voyage in , Amazon released two covers with either a polyurethane or a leather cover. The Voyage attaches to the rear of the Protective Cover magnetically and the case’s cover folds over the top, and the case weighs 4.

The case can fold into a stand, propping the Kindle up for hands-free reading. In May , Amazon released the official Kindle Audio Adapter for reading e-books aloud via a text-to-speech TTS system for the blind and visually impaired.

Once connected, the reader uses the Voiceview for Kindle feature to navigate the interface and listen to e-books via TTS. This feature only supports e-books, not audiobooks or music. Using the accessory reduces the Paperwhite 3’s battery life to six hours.

As an alternative to the official adapter, a generic USB to audio converter will also work with Voiceview. Kindle devices support dictionary and Wikipedia look-up functions when highlighting a word in an e-book. The font type, size and margins can be customized. Users needing accessibility due to impaired vision can use an audio adapter to listen to any e-book read aloud on supported Kindles, or those with difficulty in reading text may use the Amazon Ember Bold font for darker text and other fonts may too have bold font versions.

The Kindle also contains experimental features such a web browser that uses NetFront based on WebKit. The Kindle’s operating system updates are designed to be received wirelessly and installed automatically during a period in sleep mode in which Wi-Fi is turned on. When Amazon receives the file, it converts the file to Kindle File Format and stores it in the user’s online library called «Your Content» by Amazon. The Send-to-Kindle service’s personal documents can be accessed by all Kindle hardware devices as well as iOS and Android devices using the Kindle app.

Until August , in addition to the document types mentioned above, this service can be used to send unprotected and original version only. The Kindle 2 added native PDF capability with the version 2. Kindles cannot natively display EPUB files. An e-book may be downloaded from Amazon to several devices at the same time, as long as the devices are registered to the same Amazon account.

A sharing limit typically ranges from one to six devices, depending on an undisclosed number of licenses set by the publisher. When a limit is reached, the user must remove the e-book from some device [] or unregister a device containing the e-book [] in order to add the e-book to another device. The original Kindle and Kindle 2 did not allow the user to organize books into folders. The user could only select what type of content to display on the home screen and whether to organize by author, title, or download date.

Kindle software version 2. These collections are normally set and organized on the Kindle itself, one book at a time. The set of all collections of a first Kindle device can be imported to a second Kindle device that is connected to the cloud and is registered to the same user; as the result of this operation, the documents that are on the second device now become organized according to the first device’s collections.

There is no option to organize by series or series order, as the AZW format does not possess the necessary metadata fields. X-Ray lets users explore in more depth the contents of a book, by accessing pre-loaded files with relevant information, such as the most common characters, locations, themes, or ideas. Users can bookmark, highlight, and search through content. Pages can be bookmarked for reference, and notes can be added to relevant content.

While a book is open on the display, menu options allow users to search for synonyms and definitions from the built-in dictionary. The device also remembers the last page read for each book.

Pages can be saved as a «clipping», or a text file containing the text of the currently displayed page. All clippings are appended to a single file, which can be downloaded over a USB cable. On July 18, , Amazon began a program that allows college students to rent Kindle textbooks from three different publishers for a fixed period of time. Kindle devices may report information about their users’ reading data that includes the last page read, how long each e-book was opened, annotations, bookmarks, notes, highlights, or similar markings to Amazon.

In addition to published content, Kindle users can also access the Internet using the experimental web browser, which uses NetFront. Content for the Kindle can be purchased online and downloaded wirelessly in some countries, using either standard Wi-Fi or Amazon’s 3G «Whispernet» network.

Through a service called «Whispersync,» customers can synchronize reading progress, bookmarks, and other information across Kindle hardware and other mobile devices. For U. Fees remain for wireless 3G delivery of periodical subscriptions and personal documents, while Wi-Fi delivery has no extra charge.

In addition to the Kindle Store, content for the Kindle can be purchased from various independent sources such as Fictionwise and Baen Ebooks. Public libraries that offer books via OverDrive, Inc. Books are checked out from the library’s own site, which forwards to Amazon for the completion of the checkout process. Amazon then delivers the title to the Kindle for the duration of the loan, though some titles may require transfer via a USB connection to a computer.

If the book is later checked out again or purchased, annotations and bookmarks are preserved. On April 17, , Samsung announced it would discontinue its own e-book store effective July 1, and it partnered with Amazon to create the Kindle for Samsung app optimized for display on Samsung Galaxy devices. The app uses Amazon’s e-book store and it includes a monthly limited selection of free e-books. In June , Amazon released the Page Flip feature to its Kindle applications that debuted on its e-readers a few years previously.

Concurrently with the release of the first Kindle device, Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing , used by authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to Kindle and Kindle Apps worldwide. A number of companies have already experimented with delivering active content through the Kindle’s bundled browser, and the KDK gives sample code, documentation and a Kindle Simulator together with a new revenue sharing model for developers.

As of May [update] Kindle store offered over items labeled as active content. In October , Amazon announced that the Voyage and future e-readers would not support active content because most users prefer to use apps on their smartphones and tablets, but the Paperwhite first-iteration and earlier Kindles would continue to support active content.

Specific Kindle device sales numbers are not released by Amazon; however, according to anonymous inside sources, over three million Kindles had been sold as of December , [] while external estimates, as of Q, place the number at about 1. In January , Amazon announced that digital books were outselling their traditional print counterparts for the first time ever on its site, with an average of Kindle editions being sold for every paperback editions.

Working Kindles in good condition can be sold, traded, donated or recycled in the aftermarket. Due to some Kindle devices being limited to use as reading device and the hassle of reselling Kindles, some people choose to donate their Kindle to schools, developing countries, literacy organizations, or charities. Whether in good condition or not, Kindles should not be disposed of in normal waste due to the device’s electronic ink components and batteries.

Instead, Kindles at the end of their useful life should be recycled. In the United States, Amazon runs their own program, ‘Take Back’, which allows owners to print out a prepaid shipping label, which can be used to return the device for disposal.

On July 17, , Amazon withdrew from sale two e-books by George Orwell , Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four , refunding the purchase price to those who had bought them, and remotely deleted these titles from purchasers’ devices without warning using a backdoor after discovering that the publisher lacked rights to publish these books.

The two books were protected by copyright in the United States, but they were in the public domain in Canada, Australia and other countries. Ars Technica argued that the deletion violated the Kindle’s terms of service, which stated in part: []. Upon your payment of the applicable fees set by Amazon, Amazon grants you the non-exclusive right to keep a permanent copy of the applicable Digital Content and to view, use and display such Digital Content an unlimited number of times, solely on the Device or as authorized by Amazon as part of the Service and solely for your personal, non-commercial use.

Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener said that the company is «changing our systems so that in the future we will not remove books from customers’ devices in these circumstances.

Bezos said the action was «stupid», and that the executives at Amazon «deserve the criticism received». Bruguier argued that Amazon had violated its terms of service by remotely deleting the copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four he purchased, in the process preventing him from accessing annotations he had written. Gawronski’s copy of the e-book was also deleted without his consent, and found Amazon used deceit in an email exchange. The complaint, which sought class-action status, asked for both monetary and injunctive relief.

For copies of Works purchased pursuant to TOS granting «the non-exclusive right to keep a permanent copy» of each purchased Work and to «view, use and display [such Works] an unlimited number of times, solely on the [Devices] In December , Amazon removed three e-books written by Selena Kitt, along with works by several other self-published erotic fiction authors, for «offensive» content regarding consensual incest that violated Amazon’s publishing guidelines.

Kitt stated her opinion this Amazon policy was selectively applied to some books but not others that feature similar themes. For what Amazon describes as «a brief period of time», the books were unavailable for redownload by users who had already purchased them. This ability was restored after it was brought to Amazon’s attention; however, no remote deletion took place. In October , Amazon suspended the account of a Norwegian woman who purchased her Kindle in the United Kingdom , and the company deleted every e-book on her Kindle.

Amazon claimed that she had violated their terms of service but did not specify what she had done wrong. Computer programmer Richard Stallman criticized the Kindle, [] [] citing Kindle terms of service which can censor users, which require the user’s identification, and that can have a negative effect on independent book distributors; he also cited reported restrictions on Kindle users, as well the ability for Amazon to delete e-books and update software without the users’ permission.

Since , Amazon has sold e-books in China and later began selling the Kindle e-book readers from onwards. Amazon had also announced that it has sold several million Kindles in the country and that China became the world’s biggest regional market for the Kindle in However, it was reported that Chinese consumers prefer using their smartphones over e-readers, notwithstanding competition from Tencent, Alibaba, JD.

Domestically developed e-book readers from brands like Xiaomi, iReader and Onyx Boox also offer added competition to the Kindle. Only the Kindle 10 had remained available for sale while other models like the Paper White, Oasis and Kids Edition had become out of stock. On the same day, It was announced that Amazon had also shut its Tmall flagship store, after having already closed its Kindle flagship store on Taobao earlier in October In June , Amazon announced that it will shutdown its Kindle bookstore in China and starting July Kindle users can no longer purchase online books in the country.

However, existing customers could still download previously bought titles until June Also in June , self-published authors protested against Amazon’s e-book return policy; whenever an e-book return is made, royalties originally paid to the author at the time of purchase are deducted from their earnings balance, leaving authors with negative balances.

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Archived from the original on January 10, Nest, tile and create custom layouts before printing your files with this print utility.

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All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners. Prices, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice. Actual prices are set by individual dealers and may vary. All printout images and effects are simulated. Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients.

Your server must be compatible with a webDAV enabled cloud account, including but not limited to, Google, Carbonite or Rackspace, to take advantage of the cloud functionality. Storage capacity and any pricing thereof is based on the third-party cloud providers current offering, at its sole discretion.

Your cloud account is subject to the third-party cloud provider’s terms and conditions. Neither Canon Inc. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary. My Canon. Products Home. Network Cameras Software Solutions. Security Solutions. Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. Promotions Home. Canon Innovation Patents.

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